I specialise in the restoration of small agricultural machinery to be used as garden features.

Some of the items are in full working order but others, due to the unavailability of spares, are not but all of the machines are finished to a high standard and the root grinders shown are all suitable as plant containers.

Mike Collard

The root grinders above are for illustrative purposes - click on the Machines For Sale tab for a list of items currently available. 


Root grinders, sometimes known as agitators, were used to pulp root vegetables e.g. turnips, for animal feed and were produced from approximately 1820 up until the 1960's and some are still in use today - the machines shown here were probably made around 1930. They are made from cast iron so are extremely durable and their heavy weight makes them very stable once in position.  


From the photos you can see that the machines as well as being practical have ornate text and scroll work.  


The machines I source are usually in very poor condition when I get them and require considerable work to restore them.  


The restoration comprises: -


  1. Cleaning and derusting
  2. Missing or broken parts are repaired or replaced unless this is impracticable e.g. the largest of the machines shown does not have a handle and it was not possible to free the slicing wheel bearing.
  3. The machines are painted with two coats of rustproof paint.
  4. Finally the text and scroll work is picked out in contrasting but complementary colours.